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1. Developing policy, strategies and practical guidelines of heritage conservation.

Detailed activities :
Sharing information and experiences via email.
The participants from the previous Bali Kuna workshop had formed a mailing list of that could be use for the discussion. Indonesia heritage development as remain started, need comparation, lesson learnt from other country. We need some informations of Australian policy, strategies and practical guidelines sharing in the mailing list. We will provide some of pilot local regulation in Indonesia for having input and discussion. We intend to invite the government bodies involvement in this discussion.
The output of this program is development of policy, strategies and practical guidelines of heritage conservation in Indonesia.

2. Strengthening Australia – Indonesia cooperation between heritage organisations.

Detailed activities :

  1. Cooperation program between Indonesian Heritage Trust as national level of Indonesia heritage organisations, and Australian Council of National Trusts. The activities can be formed as the attendance of each of representatives on both of their Annual Meeting or Congress; the form of ad hoc committee in Indonesia side as well as Australia side for detailed discussion on the formulation of cooperation program between two countries.

The output of this program : strong heritage organisations network and formulation of Indonesia – Australia cooperation program.

  1. Cooperation program between local Indonesian heritage organisations (i.e. Bali Kuna Heritage Society, Sumatera Heritage Trust, Bandung Heritage Society, etc) and Australian National Trusts (i.e National Trust of Queensland, National Trust of South Australia, etc). The activities can be formed as expert-interchange, comparation-visit, joint-program, and many other cooperation activities. The Sumatera Heritage Trust would be pioneer to build this cooperation, as they had started the relation with Australian Trusts and AusHeritage some years ago.

The output of this program : development of Indonesia heritage organisations capacity.

3. Developing educational activity including university courses in cultural heritage management, and technical courses for structural and collection conservation

Detailed activities :
Joint program between Indonesia and Australia universities. The University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta is developing courses, magister study and many activities in cultuducational acral heritage management and technic. This university can be a pioneer to build up activities cooperation between two countries.  The activities can be formed as student or lecturer interchange, joint courses, etc.
The output of this program : development of Indonesia – Australia heritage educational program.

4. Building cooperation between Indonesia and Australia cities in developing their heritage program

Detailed activities :
Developing the sister-cities program between Indonesia – Australia. We identified some cities in Indonesia prepared for balancing the physical development and the heritage activities. Badung, a regency city in Bali can be one starting pilot for sister-city program with one of Australia city. Badung is having a significant economy development from the Kuta tourism, meanwhile in other side it also develop effort to maintain their own heritage as it was a former royal kingdom of Mengwi. One of its famous heritage asset is Taman Ayun Palace (World Heritage List nominee).
The output of this program : formed of Indonesia-Australia sister-cities program

5. Fostering cooperative heritage tourism pilot projects.

Detailed activities :
Developing heritage travel program to heritage places in Indonesia. Most of local heritage organisations in Indonesia held the heritage tour program on their area. This program is aimed to enhance the local community awareness for their surrounding heritage, and to enhance the economic benefit as  being a destination for national and international visitor. One of heritage tour program in Bali held in Nyuh Kuning village, as a part of the heritage tour activities in previous Bali Kuna training. This program and many others from the heritage organisations all over Indonesia would be inform to Australian Trusts. Based on this information, the  members of Australian Trusts can choose the heritage program according their interest before their visit to Indonesia. Regarding the Indonesian Heirtage Trust program : Archipelago Trails 2007, this is needed to start the heritage tourism program in this recent time.
The output of this program : enhancement of heritage awareness and economic development through heritage tourism program.

The ad hoc committee of Indonesia-Australia heritage partnership :

  1. Suhadi Hadiwinoto
  2. Catrini Pratihari Kubontubuh
  3. Hasti Tarekat
  4. Laretna T. Adishakti
  5. Soehardi Hartono


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