Back Ground
Works Had Been Done
Further Program

Back Ground

As proved, Balinese culture stores cultural heritage elements of immense diversity and wealth, and it retains functionality in the life of Balinese community, Indonesian and even a great number of earth dwellers. Culture breathes life to Balinese ethnic group. It is the cast of Balinese identity, an asset of economic value and a tourism appeal. For Indonesia, it reserves a special position as communication media and nation integrity. For the World, it presents its unique culture as world culture.
These cultural heritage elements, however , are not recorded into integrated and standardized database inventory, even they have so far been devoid of any community based approach. The low level of computerisation in the management of information in Bali and the dispersed nature of existing records requires a base level assessment of existing information sources and the design and development of an inventory system suited to the particular cultural heritage and management requirements of Bali.


- Provide a presentation of cultural heritage information useful for cultural, educational, tourism, traditional village (desa adat) development, and related sectors.
- Develop an accessible and user-friendly database program for widely community based approach.
- Motivate the grass root and all level of communities to a capacity to identify their own heritage
- Presentate Bali Cultural heritage as local, national and world assest

Works Had Been Done

The previous database inventory included BUIP Project by The World Bank : both in Bali CHC and Bali Kuna facilitation for Bali Heritage Trust Establishment have come up with three inventory models : (1) structural model, (2) database storage model and (3) presentation model. The activity had also designed standard instrument to implement field inventory embracing tangible, intangible and abstract aspect of Balinese heritage.

Recent, this inventory consists of pilot program on Desa Adat Besakih, and some other heritage target groups on spread location.

* Besakih Temple is a Mother Temple for Hindues in Bali. The paramount sacred importance of Besakih to Bali is characterized by its intensive use for religious observance and ceremony....... data is available completely on heritage inventory at Bali Kuna secretariat

* Taman Ujung Karangasem is a water palace designed and built by the last king of Karangasem on eastern region between 1907 and 1937. The water palace comprises large ponds, ornamental and recreational structure displaying an electic mixture of styles within traditional Balinese forms and contemporary influences, including the use of reinforced concrete and mould relief ornamentation........... data is available completely on heritage inventory at Bali Kuna secretariat

This inventory, however , is needed to be updated with many more datas that have so far been processed in Bali Kuna office secretariat helped by volunteers.

Further Program

- Identify heritage of inventory target : arts, building, philosophy, etc
- Identify inventory location : desa adat, district, regency.
- Identify community for empowerment sustainable program

- Process inventory result into database updating.
- Develop into a media of information exhibition and publication.
- Develop national and international network.

US $ 500 per data (survey, process and data development cost)

We invite participation for this program : resources data, books, publication, funding, voluntary work or other imaterial support.


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