Program Implemented
Paper Presentation

Agenda 2000-2004


7 December   Pre Launching Bali Kuna,
Bali Kuna Discussion :"World Heritage List for Bali"
Guest : Prof. Fransesco Bandarin, Director World Heritage Centre UNESCO
18 December   Launching and Declaration Bali Kuna
March - December   Bali Kuna Facilitated Bali Heritage Trust Socialization
4-8 October   Joint Sarasehan Pelestarian Pusaka Indonesia, Jakarta
27 March - 3 April   Study Group on Cultural Heritage Sydney &
Adelaide (Australia)
1-2 December   Training Bali Kuna : Architect & Conservation Awareness, Bali
January   Training Bali Kuna : Human Resources Devt for ACE Bali
January - July   Bali Kuna Facilitated Bali Heritage Trust Socialization
February   Bali Kuna Proposed Conservation Program “AjegBali" Bali TV
9 March   Training Bali Kuna : Human Recources Devt, BaliTV, Bali
5 April   Bali Kuna Discussion : Guest Lecture Prof.Koerte University Darmstadt Germanny
6 - 16 May   Study Group on Cultural Heritage Washington (USA)-London (UK)
3 - 4 June   Joint Local Governance Forum PrepCom Nusa Dua, Bali
3 June   Bali Kuna participated in JPPI held Pre Campaign Indonesia Heritage Year, Batuan, Bali
6 June   Bali Kuna and Maya Ubud held Peliatan Heritage Trail, Ubud Bali
7-11 August   Joint Workshop & Reg Meeting of National Trusts, Kuala Lumpur
30 August   Field Visit Sangeh, Bali
13 September   Bali Kuna Discussion : " Bali; Toursim & Cultural Landscape ", Guest Lecture Prof. Ken Taylor, University Canberra, Australia
December   2nd Anniversary Bali Kuna
January   Launching “Indonesia Heritage Year” , Indonesian Network for Heritage Conservation (Bali Kuna as coordinator of Eastern Indonesia).
Presented paper in International Conference of Managing Heritage Environment in Asia, Yogyakarta – Central Java.
February   Preparation for Indonesia Charter for Heritage Conservation
March   Heritage Walks, Ubud surrounding – Gianyar, Bali
April   Ceremony for Bali Kuna new office in Biaung - Denpasar, Bali
May   Held National Competition for Librarian Article, Eastern Indonesia (Bali, NTB, NTT, Sulawesi, Maluku, Irian Jaya)
June   Survey on Balinese Cultural Heritage, Gianyar - Bali
July   Bali Kuna Training on Community Awareness for Heritage Documentation, Denpasar - Bali.
Documentation on Colonial Heritage Buildings in Singaraja – Bali.
August   Community Based Cultural Heritage Inventory, Small Grants Program by The World Bank, pilot project in Nyuh Kuning village, Ubud, Gianyar - Bali
September   Joint International Conference of National Trusts, Edinburgh – UK.
Presentation on “Conservation of Balinese Traditional Architecture”, Berlin – Germany.
October   Joint Workshop of Indonesia Charter for Heritage Conservation I, Yogyakarta - Central Java
Held National Competition for Heritage Conservation Article, Eastern Indonesia (Bali, NTB, NTT, Sulawesi, Maluku, Irian Jaya)
November   Soft Launching of Community Based Cultural Heritage Inventory, pilot project in Nyuh Kuning village, Ubud, Gianyar – Bali.
Bali Kuna Discussion: Guest Lecturer from Khoo Salma Nasution, Penang Heritage Trust.
Documentation of Balinese Architecture, collaboration with Centre of Architecture Documentation - Jakarta
December   Joint National Seminar on Cultural Heritage Management, Bogor- West Java
Joint Workshop of Indonesia Charter for Heritage Conservation II, Ciloto - West Java
Exhibition and Launching of Community Based Cultural Heritage Inventory, collaboration with Museum Pendet, Ubud, Gianyar - Bali
January   Dissemination of Indonesia Charter for Heritage Conservation, Jakarta
Balinese Traditional House Conservation aftermath the Earthquake, Tenganan village, Karangasem – Bali.
February   Survey on Temple Restoration, Puri Gedong Temple – Selat village, Karangasem – Bali.
March   Study on Heritage – Cultural Tourism in Denpasar – Bali.
April   Regular meeting of Indonesian Network for heritage Conservation (JPPI), Jakarta
May   Preparation Meeting for the Establishment of Indonesia Heritage Trust, Jakarta
Bali Kuna Sharing Experiences at Faculty of Technique, Ngurah Rai University, Denpasar, Bali
June   Joint Association of Indonesian Architect of Bali Branch Annual Meeting
July   Bali Kuna Sharing Experiences at Architect Forum, Bali Art Festival, Denpasar
August   Declaration of Indonesia Heritage Trust - Jakarta
September   Joint Workshop on Overview of Bali Urban Infrastructure Project – The World Bank, Nusa Dua - Bali
Discussion on Sacred Sites & Pilgrimage Routes in Kii mountain Range, sharing experiences by DR. Kiyoko Kanki – Wakayama University –Japan at Bali Kuna secretariat, Denpasar - Bali


Program Implemented


Socialization Program on Bali Cultural Heritage Awareness (Dialogue and Campaign : Temu wicara Kepedulian Pelestarian Warisan Budaya Bali) :
..Bali Kuna facilitated the establishment of Bali Heritage Trust within serial of socialization program aimed to enhance people cultural heritage awareness. The program consisted of serial dialogue among traditional villager (Desa Adat), local government staffs and campaign for student (yunior and high schools) in all the nine regencies and city in Bali. This program funded by The World Bank. See the photographs.

Drafting of Cultural Heritage Conservation Act :
One of the Bali Heritage Trust establishment program is drafting of the Bali Province Act concerning on Bali Cultural Heritage Conservation. It is aimed to provide a heritage management system that will cover the protection and management of the heritage itself. The protection refers the acts of prevention from destruction, mistreatment, and misuse of the heritages from any act taken by government, non governmental entities including individual, that may cause heritage damage. Meanwhile the management refers the acts of rehabilitation, treatment, use, development and recovering.
The draft has been discussed widely among Government of Bali : Governor, Vice Governor I and also Bali House of Representatives (DPRD Bali); public communities (Dialogue on Perda Pelestarian at Udayana University, December 2000). It has got positive respond and waiting forward for its finalization processing.

Database of Bali Cultural Heritage Inventory :
Another Bali Heritage Trust establishment program is building a Bali cultural heritage mapping. Bali Kuna facilitated it by developing the database of Bali Cultural Heritage Inventory. It has been started by the project of The World Bank with the Bali Cultural Office (Dinas Kebudayaan Propinsi Bali) on the previous years. Its completion is needed as its datas up-dating.

Heritage Trail :
One of Bali Kuna action program is promote the cultural heritage assets by Heritage Trail. It invites people for having their experiences on identfying, touching and learning their heritage by their own. Some of our heritage trail are Peliatan, Ujung, and Sangeh. The Heritage Trail is generating fund raising for Bali Kuna whereas we collect donation from participants. See the photographs.

Organize Training and Discussion :
Bali Kuna program in developing human resources are implmented by organize training and discussion on cultural heritage conservation. The discussion is focussed on the recent topic bringing up by the guest lecturer, come from local, national and international Bali Kuna's contact. The specific training had been organized on December 2001 was Training for Architect and Conservation Awareness. The other trainings are requested by institutions or compannies in order to fulfill their human resources development. Some of them are ACE-Bali (Association of Hotel Chief Engineers - Bali), Bali TV, etc.
See the photographs.

Joint Symposium and Workshop :
One of the effort to build network and synergy done by joint seminar and workshop on local, national and international level.


Paper Presentation


4 - 8 October   Presented "The Embryo of Bali Heritage Trust"
Sarasehan Pelestarian Pusaka, Indonesia, Jakarta
29 March   Presented “Bali Cultural Heritage Conservation" ArtLab, (Adelaide - Australia)
7 May   Presented “Bali Heritage Conservation, Learning from Traditional Communities Activities, The World Bank (Washington-USA) and The National Trust (London - UK)
7-11 August   Presented “Sustaining Tangible and Intangible Heritage Workshop & Reg Meeting of National Trusts( Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia)

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